On January 17, 2013, Jakarta, Indonesia was hit with the worst flooding they had experienced since 2007. The flood claimed 15 lives in the Indonesian capital city. Kampung Melayu, along the Ciliwung River, was one of the worst hit neighborhoods. People waited for aid on their roofs in an area where the flood waters rose up to 2-meters. 

The Kampung Melayu community was previously one of Jakarta's most crime ridden neighborhoods. Over the last 15 years, Ciliwung Merdeka, a community organization, has lead efforts to clean up the neighborhood, and build a thriving micro economy. 

In their efforts to prevent further flood crises, both the local city government and the Indonesian government have vowed to clean up the Ciliwung River. These efforts will eventually lead to the eviction of Jakarta's poorest neighborhoods. While the city has promised alternative housing options within the city, Kampung Melayu residents argue that the financial and cultural fallout is too great to bear.